Fields of research and development

R&D fields: shielding tapes, thermally conductive and heat dissipation tapes, acrylic adhesives, silicone adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, functional coating slurries, high-performance polyurethanes, rubber resins and functional powders.

Introduction of research and development Fields of research and development
Fields of research and development

1) Based on EMC, thermal conductivity and other functional application, develop shielding tapes and thermally conductive and heat spreading tapes suitable for various application environments and performance requirements.


2) Take high-performance acrylic, polyurethane and silicone sealants as the main research fields, and develop new features of pressure-sensitive adhesion performance and curing behavior to satisfy customer needs promptly with various formulation designs, such as high-viscosity adhesive films, heat resistant adhesive films, flame retardant adhesive films, shading adhesive films, low-viscosity removable adhesive films, low resistance adhesive films, thermally conductive grease, thermally conductive gaskets, etc.


3) Take functional coating slurries as the main research fields, and develop various surface treatment products, including scratch-resistant coating, matte coating, anti-oxidation coating, black conductive coating, heat spreading coating, etc.


4) Take high-performance polyurethane, rubber resin and functional powders as the main research fields, and develop electromagnetic wave absorbing and anti-interference materials with multi-gradient magnetic permeability and structural strength characteristics with various formulation designs.


5) According to terminal application designs, provide appropriate and efficient EMC, thermal conduction and heat dissipation solutions.

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